12/08/2014 10:36 EST | Updated 02/07/2015 05:59 EST

Photos saved from underwater camera lost in Cuba for 2 years

A Surrey woman was returned photos and video she thought she had lost in Cuba two years ago — all thanks to a scuba diver.

Emily Demello dropped her underwater camera when she got hit by a big wave while holidaying with her friends in Varadero, Cuba in 2012.

But then last week, she discovered a Facebook message from a man who said he had her camera. Demello said a scuba diver, Ruben Urquiza, found the camera and pulled the images from the memory card.

"I think I had taken a picture of my plane ticket and that is how he found my name and then he was able to find me on Facebook," Demello said.

"He said the camera is pretty damaged but was able to keep the memory card protected, which is all I really cared about."