12/08/2014 06:09 EST | Updated 02/07/2015 05:59 EST

Tory, TTC chief to make 'important' announcement for King streetcar riders

Mayor John Tory is set to make "an important announcement" for riders of the 504 King streetcar this morning. 

Tory will be joined by TTC chief Josh Colle and chief executive officer Andy Byford at 10 a.m. in Massey Harris Park, in the King and Crawford streets area, to make the announcement.

Neither the mayor nor TTC officials have indicated what the thrust of today's news will be, though The Globe and Mail published a report Sunday night suggesting that all-door boarding will be introduced on the King streetcar.

The 504 King is Toronto's busiest streetcar route, with about 60,000 riders boarding each day. 

In August, city staff submitted a report to council that found most delays on the city's streetcar routes were the result of inefficient passenger boarding procedures, resulting in increased commute times of between four and 15 minutes.

In October, a private company completed trial runs of a crowd-funded express-route bus, dubbed Line Six, that took passengers from transit-starved Liberty Village along King Street West to downtown for $5 per person. The effort is a direct result of commuter frustration with overcrowded streetcar routes. 

All-door boarding is already permitted on the Queen and Spadina streetcar routes. 

The move would come just days after Tory announced his six-point plan to alleviate traffic congestion for drivers in the city.