Americans Try To Sing O Canada, Obviously Fail Miserably (VIDEO)

"O Canada" might be the prettiest national anthem out there, though we're willing to admit we're more than a little biased on the topic.

So it would make sense, given our proximity to the U.S. and our countries' competing sports teams, that Americans would be able to sing our country's song. You know, the way we can sing theirs.

As the video above from Buzzfeed shows, that isn't quite the case, at least when most people are put on the spot and asked to perform. Reading out the lyrics, they question how our hearts "glow" — though we're going to be honest, people whose anthem includes the "twilight's last gleaming" can keep those kinds of judgments to themselves.

They do give it their all, though, throwing in a multitude of stereotypes when lyrics fail them, and ending it the way most Canadians generally do: "Play hockey!"

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