12/09/2014 12:24 EST | Updated 02/07/2015 05:59 EST

Stun Guns Disguised As Flashlights Destined For Edmonton Address

A man who attempted to bring a haul of offensive weapons through Newcastle Airport has been jailed. Craig Dalkin, 23, was stopped by Border Force officers at the airport after landing on a flight from Bourgas, Bulgaria, on 11 June this year. A search of his suitcase revealed the following weapons:•A stun gun•Two CS gas canisters•Two knuckle dusters•Two knives•An extendable baton•A laser pen

EDMONTON - Canada Border Service agents at a Vancouver mail centre have found stun guns in suspicious packages destined for a southwest Edmonton address.

At first the packages looked like they contained flashlights from Singapore, but when the officers looked closer they found something more sinister.

Mike Tucker with the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team says the flashlights contained a complex mechanism that turned it into a fully functioning stun gun that was capable of delivering quite a high voltage shock.

This led police to the residence in southwest Edmonton where they also discovered a small marijuana grow op.

Jason Kruse, who is 31, faces more than 74 charges including 24 charges of importing a prohibited device and 25 charges of possession of an offensive weapon.


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