12/09/2014 08:10 EST | Updated 02/08/2015 05:59 EST

Eskasoni lightning storm strikes 3 homes, injures 2

Some people in Eskasoni, Cape Breton are still reeling after Thursday's lightning storm wreaked havoc, with lightning striking at least three homes on Mountainview Drive, injuring two people.

Sheila Gould says she and her husband, Vernon GooGoo, were awoken by a loud bang at about 2 a.m.

They made sure their two-year-old grandson and his mother got out of the house, then they tried to find out what happened.

Gould says they had no power but could smell smoke.

"We just automatically went downstairs to go look for the fire, and then when we went down the hallway. There was a lot of smoke and then, when [my husband] opened the door, we saw the ceiling had blown off. We didn't really know how it happened and the room I went to had the mattress on fire," she says.

Normally their 19-year-old son would be in that bed, but luckily, he wasn't home.

The couple put the fire out with a nearby extinguisher.

GooGoo says the lightning hit the metal chimney, went through the wood stove, through the floor, blew off the bathroom ceiling and spread through the basement.

In addition to the fire, two of their neighbours were injured by electric shocks coming through phones and a videogame consoles.

"The girl next door, she was playing an Xbox, a wireless one, and she just got blown from her seat while playing the game," says Gould.

She spent the night in hospital but has recovered.

Mandy Denny is another of Gould’s neighbours.

"Then I reached over to check my phone. My phone was plugged in and as soon as I touched the screen I got shocked and my hand went flying and my phone, I threw my phone away," says Denny.

Gould says their electrical panel, furnace, water heater and appliances were also destroyed — but she says, if they had not had a large fire extinguisher in the basement, they might have lost everything.