12/10/2014 10:14 EST | Updated 02/09/2015 05:59 EST

Bobler: the Instagram for audio

There is a new social network for sharing short bits of audio. Bobler is a smartphone app that allows users to record audio clips and share them with their followers or the world.

Similar to Twitter and Vine, users are encouraged to be brief. "Bobles," as they are called, can't be more than 36 seconds long.

According to CBC's technology columnist Dan Misener, who spoke to Stephen Quinn on CBC's On The Coast, the company decided on 36 seconds based on early tests of the app.

They found 36 seconds was the average time of recorded Bobles, and it was about the average length of time people listened to other people's Bobles.

Misener said one of the advantages of Bobler is that it can record and share the human voice.

"The human voice has an incredible capacity to carry emotion," he said.

Misener used the example of a new dad who posted a recording on Bobler talking with excitement about his new baby boy.

"That's something you could not capture the same way in text."

Asked if Bobler will take off in the way other social networking sites like Twitter or Instagram have. Misener said it's too early to tell, but he's excited about the broader trend where emerging online tools are highlighting the power of sound.

"Maybe it's the radio guy in me, but I find these developments really encouraging. Text and pictures and video are great and all, but there are some things that sound can do better than any of them, and it's great to see technology that recognizes that."

Hear CBC's technology columnist Dan Misener on Bobler by clicking audio link: "Dan Misener on Bobler"