Christmas Hacks To Save The Holidays From 10 Different Disasters

It's coming. Whether it's a fun little cocktail party or a great big Christmas feast, your holiday party is set to arrive any day now, and you — like all of us — could use some help.

Charles MacPherson, who holds the rather rare title of "Canada's most famous butler," is well-versed in these kinds of situations. He runs a school for butlers and household managers in Toronto, and knows all too well how to get rid of a potential party-ending mess in a wink.

This season, he teamed up with Viva Towels (a paper towel that claims to tackle huge messes) to clean up people's disasters, but more importantly, he has handed over a few of his easiest Christmas hacks for us to tuck into our cheatsheets.

Take a look at his hacks below. All we know is, we're stocking up on the white bread.

Christmas Life Hacks