12/10/2014 03:35 EST | Updated 02/09/2015 05:59 EST

Orphaned Alberta Cougar Cub Given New Home In Manitoba Zoo

Bruce Lichtenberger via Getty Images

An orphaned cougar cub nurtured back to health in Calgary is now living in Winnipeg’s zoo.

The cub was found alone in the snow outside Calgary and dropped off at the non-profit Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society last month. 

The female cub weighed about 2.5 kilograms and was estimated to be two or three months old. 

“Cougars cannot be raised in captivity and released back into the wild. The only options for her were captivity, immediate release or euthanasia," said the organization in a news release. 

"Thankfully, we were quickly able to find a home for her at the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg and she was transferred to them earlier this week.” 

The organization urges people who find cubs or other wildlife to call a rehabilitation centre or provincial wildlife authorities before moving an animal.

“Often times the animal is not truly orphaned and the mother has just left it while she is off looking for food. Common examples include deer, elk, moose, porcupine, and hares," said the organization. 

"While not nearly as common to come across a cougar cub, their mothers will leave them for several hours while they hunt. They have the best chance of survival with their mothers and we strongly believe that if at all possible wildlife should remain in the wild.”


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