12/11/2014 07:49 EST | Updated 12/11/2014 07:59 EST

Backyard Hockey Rink Permitted In Sherbrooke Despite 'Visual Harm'

A Sherbrooke, Que., man has been allowed to rebuild a backyard hockey rink despite a neighbour's complaint that it causes "visual harm."

But in the interest of being a good neighbour, he's decided to move the rink elsewhere.

Jean-Christophe Bossé built a 12-by-18-metre hockey rink in his backyard every year for five years, CBC News reported.

That ended this year when neighbour Normand Grenier complained to the City of Sherbrooke about it, and Bossé was told to take down the rink, which has boards and lights.

The city later issued him a permit that will allow him to rebuild the structure on a different part of his property, according to Radio-Canada.

But in an effort to avoid further conflict with his neighbour, Bossé is looking to move it elsewhere, La Tribune reported.

Grenier's complaint against Bossé's outdoor rink generated plenty of attention on social media following the CBC News story.

Grenier had told the network that his home is 12 feet lower than Bossé's, and that he doesn't like hearing pucks smack off the boards. He also said the rink could hurt his property value.

"It caused me visual harm," he told CBC News.

Grenier was subsequently mocked on social media and on the sports site Deadspin, which called him an "awful neighbour."

For his part, Bossé said in a post to his Facebook account that everyone is entitled to their own point of view, and to be respected.

He added that he's open to discussing the rink's future with his neighbour.

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