12/11/2014 12:50 EST | Updated 12/21/2016 12:16 EST

16 Insane Things That Can Happen In A Canadian Winter

Winter is coming.

And though many Canadians dread it ...

Some incredible things can happen.

Like a frozen water sprinkler.

Or water guns filled with ice.

Or boiling water turning into an icy cloud.

And windrows ...

Which suck big time.

You can skate on a frozen street ...

Or play shinny in hockey heaven.

You can fix yourself a cold drink ... with no effort at all.

Or just grab one out of the "fridge."

You can build the coolest DJ booth ...

Or you can be shaken by an ice quake.

You can blow bubbles of ice ...

Or see them come up under the surface of Lake Abraham:

You can run up lots of kilometres without travelling very far.

You can be a fish out of icy water.

You can sleep in an ice hotel.

And as the winter ends, you can watch a river form outside your home.

Who knows, we might see more icy miracles this year!

So cheer up, Canadians, and have a happy winter!

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