12/11/2014 03:46 EST | Updated 12/11/2014 03:59 EST

The Stages We Go Through When Shopping For Gifts On Etsy


When looking for the perfect Christmas gift, there is one place we always turn to: Etsy.

The online store is a veritable treasure trove for neat handmade gifts that you definitely won't find at your local mall. But sometimes, when searching for a present for our loved ones, things can get out of hand.

Check out the stages we go through when shopping for gifts on Etsy:

1. Panic when you realize you have no idea what to get your mom/dad/friends/significant other for Christmas

2. Get lured in by Etsy's gorgeous homemade presents

3. Browse through the Christmas Gift Ideas feed for some inspiration

4. Find a few cute things you like

5. Favourite a few Etsy stores for future reference

It's like they know you so well.

6. That Etsy store is AMAZING

7. Look at that beautiful Lord of the Rings scarf!

8. Realize you absolutely need that Peter Rabbit book clutch

9. Would your sister really appreciate those Benedict Cumberbatch earrings as much as you?

10. Your mom doesn't really need another pair of earrings, right?


12. When you realize how much the shipping will cost

13. Obsessively check the tracking status of your items

14. When your presents (to yourself) finally arrive

15. The moment you realize you still haven't bought Christmas gifts for your family and friends yet