12/11/2014 10:15 EST | Updated 02/10/2015 05:59 EST

Medical clinic bans strollers from building in New Westminster

A New Westminster mother is speaking out against a policy at a private medical clinic banning strollers from the building.

The Columbia Square Medical and Laser Clinic refused to allow Jessica Warren from bringing her stroller in last week.

Warren, the mother of 12-week-old twins, said she was forced to unpack her belongings and leave the stroller outside in the rain.

After she shared her story on the New West Moms Facebook group, she found out she was not alone.

"I was absolutely appalled at the feedback I least 20 women have said they have had to move medical clinics because of this," said Warren. She was speaking to Stephen Quinn for the CBC Radio program On The Coast.

Walker said the ban is discriminatory.

"They allow wheelchairs and walkers in, why not a stroller. It's the only way a mother can get around with her kids especially when they are not walking," she said.

The clinic's medical director, Dr. Irina Payne, said strollers are banned for safety and health reasons, as surgical and gynecological procedures take place at the clinic. Payne said the clinic wants to keep passageways clear for stretchers, and other patients who may be elderly or injured.

Warren said she will take her business to another clinic that doesn't have the ban.

"If you don't want to cater to families then don't cater to families," she said.

Hear Jessica Warren telling her story to On The Coast's Stephen Quinn by clicking audio link: "Stroller ban".