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34 Nostalgic Christmas Toys You Can Still Buy This Year

Wondering what to buy for your kids this year? Why not tap into your own childhood this holiday season?

Here are a few ideas for toys you loved when you were a child, with links to where you can buy them.

Ask Zandar:

She did go to the prom with a geek. And later, they were married.

Cabbage Patch Kids:

Parents these days might be more fond of the "Kale Patch Kids."

Chatter Telephone:

Famous from your childhood ... and "Toy Story 3."

Doodle Pro:

It's like an Etch A Sketch, but with pens.

Etch a Sketch:

If the Etch A Sketch is a Mac, the Doodle Pro is most definitely a PC.

Dream Phone — The Secret Admirer Board Game:

Kids will think the size of the phone is absolutely hilarious.

Easy-Bake Oven:

Homer Simpson had the right idea when he installed one in his car.

Hot Wheels Super Loop Chase Race Trackset

If you're lucky, you've saved your Hot Wheels to see if they can withstand 21st-century style stunts.

Fisher-Price Farmer See 'n' Say:

"Crank ..." "Moooo ..." Repeat.

Fisher-Price Record Player:

For the hipster child in all of us.

Game Genie:

This is what you used to cheat on Nintendo games before the Internet came around. It also made the games a lot more fun. Try it out on your dusty old 16-bit SNES!

Girl Talk:

If nothing else, this is an interesting window into what game manufacturers thought young women liked in the '80s and '90s.


For when Mom and Dad have given up on trying to put their kids to sleep.

Gooey Louie:

The greatest nose-picking game that ever was.

Groovy Girls:

Such a stylish doll could only come from New York City.


Fun with trippy mosaic patterns!

My First Sony:

We still love pizza pie, we still love macaroni, but we regret that we never bought a My First Sony.

NERF Arrowstorm:

Yes, that's a young Devon Sawa with a pump-action toy gun.


This game's medical training is a lot like ...

Play-Doh Fuzzy Pumper:

... Playing with this toy and saying you went to barber school.

Polly Pocket:

Note: this toy didn't always fit in one's pocket.

The Power Rangers Dino Ultrazord:

Some assembly required. Namely, all the original Power Rangers' droids, the dinozord Titanus and the Dragonzord. You never fulfilled your dream of assembling this as a kid. Do it now.

Sea Monkeys:

"Look at me, living free. Free and clean among the sea people!"

Skip It:

We won't lie: if you don't buy this, we will.

Speak 'n' Spell:

There aren't a lot of educational games that are more fun than this one.


"Did you know that there's a direct correlation between the decline of Spirograph and the rise in gang activity? You think about it!" "I will!" "No you won't..."

The Talkboy:

You might remember this toy from the "Home Alone" movies.

Teddy Ruxpin:

It's alive! IT'S ALIVE!

Tonka Dump Truck:

For the kid who hopes to drive a big rig one day. Even if they'll all be self-driven by that point.


Buy a classic Optimus Prime to put the Michael Bay films out of your kids' memories for good.

Tupperware Shape 'o' Ball:

Still great for teaching kids about shapes and forms.


Who knows what crazy images you'll see inside!


This toy has the potential to frustrate your kids endlessly. "Daddy! It won't fall down!"

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