12/11/2014 04:51 EST | Updated 02/10/2015 05:59 EST

Snow got you down? Surfing workout offers new exercise option in Toronto

There's always a new trend making waves on the workout scene, and the latest can be found at Surfset Toronto, where without ever stepping in the water participants can have an exercise experience that mimics a floating surfboard. 

Pilates and yoga movements are incorporated as participants are balanced on the surfing contraption — to tone bodies while having fun and trying something new. Surfset opened its doors this week on Yonge Street. 

"The idea is you're not isolating any muscle groups. You're working your entire body and you're always engaging your core," Lua Emilia, one of the owners at Surfset toronto. 

Core workout

The benefits of working the core muscles, says Emilia, is that it strengthens the core muscles "that give you power for anything you do in any given day." 

You're going to mimic a lot of the movements that you would find in surfing and you can work the muscles that you would work if you were surfing in water. Of course it won't train you to be a professional surfer, but it will give you a lot of the set up you would need to go surfing for the first time. 

Surfset Toronto trainers say participants burn between 500 and 900 calories in one 45-minute class.

"It's a lot harder than you would think, because you're constantly moving. You're not stable so you're constantly moving your core. It is wobbly so you always have to have that proper form or you're going to tilt over to the side," said Victoria Hegedus, a personal trainer who stopped in to Surfset for a class. 

The studio opened on Monday and a drop-in class will run you $22. 

Click the video above to watch a demonstration of a surfset class.