12/12/2014 01:42 EST | Updated 02/11/2015 05:59 EST

GO Transit fares to increase 5% in February

GO Transit bus and train passengers will be paying more for their trips starting in February, when a fare increase takes effect.

Metrolinx, the agency in charge of GO, has approved a fare increase of about five per cent, which will start on Feb.1. 

Single adult fares will increase as follows:

- 10 cent increase on minimum fare of $5.20.

- 30 cent increase on fares between $5.21 and $6.50.

- 40 cent increase on fares between $6.51 and $8.25.

- 50 cent increase on fares greater than $8.25.

There will also be increases to fares for students, children and seniors, according to Metrolinx. 

In most years, GO fares increase by about 5 per cent, money that Metrolinx said is needed to "continue to provide a high level of customer service while improving and expanding service to meet increasing ridership demand."

Metrolinx said that fare increases have made it possible to increase train services and add more buses to busy routes, and helped pay for a revamped mobile website and automated next-stop announcements for buses. 

The fare increase was approved at Metrolinx's year-end meeting held on Thursday.