12/12/2014 08:50 EST | Updated 02/11/2015 05:59 EST

Hundreds take part in snowball fight at McGill University

About 300 people took part in a massive snowball fight Friday evening at McGill University.  

The event was the idea of two McGill students, Derrick Linker and Marti Jasper Moshfeghi, who posted it on Facebook.

“What we had in mind was the stress-relief. We ourselves were pretty stressed about finals at the moment and we don’t have time to do something like a snowball fight. This is just a very good way to have one big snowball fight at once,” Moshfeghi told CBC Radio One’s Homerun host Sue Smith while the snowball fight was happening.

The city is covered in about 30 centimetres of fresh snow from a weather system hanging over Montreal this past week.

Both said they were surprised to see hundreds show up at the campus in downtown Montreal.

“There are hordes of people throwing snowballs at each other, having a lot of fun, looking like they’re relieving the stress from exams,” Linker said.

“We have Concordia students, Université de Montréal students, McGill students. It’s amazing,” added Moshfeghi.

The pair say the snowball fight spontaneously turned into a battle between two teams.

“We lay no rules down for this one. People just formed two teams and split into two parallel sections and they’re just slamming against each other. It’s amazing!” Moshfeghi said.