12/12/2014 03:09 EST | Updated 02/11/2015 05:59 EST

Key recommendations from the Ashley Smith jury and CSC responses

TORONTO - Some key recommendations from the Ashley Smith jury and responses from Correctional Service of Canada:

Jury Recommendations:

Indefinite solitary confinement should be abolished.

Placement of women in segregation lasting longer than 15 days should be prohibited.

Female inmates with mental illness should serve sentences in treatment facility, not prison.

CSC should implement an independent rights adviser and inmate advocate for all inmates.

CSC Responses:

The agency will continue to explore other alternatives to the use of segregation.

It is developing a strategy to reduce the number and length of segregation placements and prevent unwarranted admissions.

The term "solitary confinement" is not accurate or applicable within the Canadian federal correctional system.

A specific rights adviser function would be redundant and conflict with existing processes.

SOURCE: Coroner's inquest; Correctional Service of Canada