12/12/2014 04:25 EST | Updated 02/11/2015 05:59 EST

Nicolino Camardi guilty of muzzling, torturing animals left dead in alley

Nicolino​ Camardi pleaded guilty to two counts of causing unnecessary pain to animals in a Calgary courtroom Friday.

The Calgary Humane Society began investigating the case in January when a starved, two-year-old Siberian husky was found dead with tape around its muzzle in a southeast Calgary alley.

A nine-month-old kitten was found dead in the same area a week later with green painter's tape covering most of its face.

The preliminary investigation conducted by the Calgary Humane Society showed the animals had a history of traumatic physical injuries.

Camardi lived with his mother and girlfriend at the time. The animals were obtained through a Kijiji ad from a couple that lives in Scotfield, Alta., in October 2013.

"The accused often got angry at both of the animals for such issues as house soiling or making noise," said the agreed statement of facts, which outlines several specific attacks in gruesome detail.

Crack cocaine addiction

The court heard that the dog named Shadow was repeatedly beaten and ultimately starved while Camardi was on crack cocaine. Most of his money went to his addiction so there was often no dog food in the house.

"A few days before Shadow died, the accused taped her muzzle shut with clear medical tape," said the agreed statement of facts. "Shadow was too weak from starvation to resist this."

The kitten named One Tooth was also beaten and then strangled. In one attack, the cat's injuries were so severe that Camardi taped its mouth shut to "stifle her cries."

The Crown says it will be asking for considerably more time than the seven months Camardi has already spent in custody — possibly up to two years.

The 19-year-old has been behind bars since his arrest last May. His lawyer says, given the time already served, his client should be released soon.

Camardi's defence lawyer says these type of offences usually result in a sentence of nine to 18 months.

Camardi will be back in court next Thursday. The judge will decide at that time what pre-sentencing reports may be ordered, including a psychiatric assessment, and whether Camardi will be released on bail until the sentence is given.