12/12/2014 03:38 EST | Updated 12/12/2014 03:59 EST

Nova Scotia Doctor Shuts Down Company That Requires Sick Day Notes

Going to the doctor's office to prove to your boss that you're really sick has always felt like one of life's small-but-great injustices. And it seems at least one doctor strongly agrees.

Dr. Ethel Cooper-Rosen of Nova Scotia sends this note to employers whenever someone comes to her office looking for a sick note, according to CBC.

Nova Scotia Doctor Shuts Down Company That Requires Sick Day

The note grabbed international attention this week after it showed up on Reddit and racked up more than two million views.

But Cooper-Rosen has actually been sending the note telling employers they must pay $30 for a sick note for quite some time. And she has actually just been following the advice of the doctor's association in her province, which recommended earlier this year that its members start charging for notes. The Ontario Medical Association has also called on employers to stop requiring the notes.

But it doesn't seem like the practice is set to disappear. Sick days cost companies a lot of money. And if there is one thing companies love, it's not losing money.

Then again, if every doctor did the same as Cooper-Rosen, the math would change for employers and all our lives would be just that much less annoying.

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