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Brett Lawrie Surprises Amelia Lyttle, Young Blue Jays Fan, At Boston Pizza After Trade

Every sports fan remembers their first heartbreak or feeling of betrayal when their favourite player is traded to another team. With that in mind, Amelia Lyttle, a six-year-old from Langley, B.C., took the news of Brett Lawrie's move from the Toronto Blue Jays to the Oakland Athletics pretty hard.

Her tearful video, entitled "Brett Lawrie for Josh Donaldson Trade Reaction" has garnered over 173,000 hits since Nov. 28. Now, it appears one of those viewers was the B.C.-born Lawrie himself.

The hometown hero surprised the young fan with a hug and a Blue Jays jersey at a local Boston Pizza on Friday. Both Lyttle's father Alex and the 24-year-old former Blue Jay documented their adorable lunch date on social media.

what an amazing moment 🎅🎅🌲🌲 so cool and privileged to meet this lady 😊😊

A video posted by @blawrie1313 on

Alex Lyttle also captured their meet-cute on camera. In the video, Lawrie says:

"Do you know who I am? (Amelia nods). Do you? I saw your video. I saw your video online. You were pretty upset. (Amelia nods). I know, I know, so was I. I was in shock too, but I'm glad that you're such a fan of mine, and I wouldn't have come and done this if I hadn't of seen that video, so I'm very fortunate to meet you. I hope I can get your continued support down the road with the Oakland A's. I know I'm not with the Blue Jays any more, and maybe down the road I will be, but for now I've got a new home, and I ask for your support for my new team and for myself."

Soon after, Lawrie took a seat beside Amelia, and showered her with gifts and Blue Jays memorabilia.

But, that wasn't the infielder's only stop of the day. Later on, USA Today reports Lawrie paid a visit to the Boys and Girls Club of British Columbia.

WATCH the video of Brett Lawrie and Amelia Lyttle's pizza lunch date below:

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