12/14/2014 09:27 EST | Updated 02/13/2015 05:59 EST

Pet safety warning tips for the holiday season

Holiday pet safety might not be a top-of-mind subject during the holidays, but following the death of a newly adopted black kitten in Stoney Creek, experts are reminding owners there is a myriad of dangers during the holiday season. 

Luna died after ingesting needles of tree that was frosted with ethylene glycol, a chemical commonly found in anti-freeze, purchased at Home Depot. 

The coating, while toxic for animals, also tastes sweet, unbeknownst to Luna's owner.

The contractor and do-it-yourself supply store is taking the event seriously and investigating the incident, but there are also many other dangers for cats and dogs in the house around the holidays. 

The Ottawa Humane Society listed a few warnings for pet owner over the holidays, take a look:

Steer clear of tinsel

This warning is not just because it looks tacky, but because the small strings can block an animal's intestinal tract. 

Keep presents away from under the tree

Wrapping paper might hide a chocolate present from a friend, but cats and dogs can smell the chocolate through the packaging and could open and eat that present, which is toxic to both cats and dogs.

Block pets from tree water

The humane society says not only is that water dirty, but it could also have stray needles in it which could be dangerous for the pets.

Keep Christmas lights up high

If the lights are low enough, pets could chew on them and become electrocuted.

Holiday plants are poisonous to pets

Mistletoe, Holly, Poinsettia, Amaryllis are all highly toxic to both cats and dogs.