12/14/2014 14:09 EST | Updated 02/13/2015 05:59 EST

Terry Glecoff, former CBC Calgary anchor dies of cancer

Cancer has claimed the life of former CBC Calgary journalist.

Terry Glecoff passed away Friday in the palliative care unit at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto after a battle with pancreatic cancer. 

Glecoff began his career in 1977 at ATV (now CTV Atlantic) in Halifax. He worked as a reporter, writer, producer and anchor in both radio and television at various CBC locations across Canada.

In the mid-80s, he was the anchor of the Calgary Newshour, which was then the top supper-hour newscast in the city.

Glecoff moved to Toronto and was one of the founding anchors of Newsworld International.

He later applied his talents to the health care field, working for the Canadian Cancer Society and the Health Council of Canada. He was also a professor at Humber College in Mississauga.

Glecoff was 66 years old.

A funeral is scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 21.