12/15/2014 09:33 EST | Updated 02/14/2015 05:59 EST

Ailing Jean Doré's legacy honoured by former colleagues

Former Montreal mayor Jean Doré was celebrated yesterday by his former party, the Montreal Citizens’ Movement.

On Sunday, the MCM celebrated the 40th anniversary of its founding, just two days after their long-time leader celebrated his 70th birthday.

It was a bittersweet event, as Doré was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in September.

His former colleagues focused their attention and emotion towards honouring him and his legacy.

Jean Doré addressed them, choking back tears.

He listed his best memories and proudest accomplishments, both during his time as mayor, and his time in opposition.

"One of the greatest achievements of the MCM, has been to bypass the old east-west divisions," he said.

Doré and the MCM ended the 26-year reign of Montreal mayor Jean Drapeau in 1986.

Doré's eight years in power were marked by a renewal of the Old Port, Île St-Hélène, and various public spaces.

City Councillor Marvin Rotrand said the Doré years were best known for the creation of a more openly democratic style of governing.

“We went from the 1950s to the 1980s overnight in Montreal,” said Rotrand.

Doré, battling terminal illness, thanked his friends who joined him in a lifetime of battles.

“Because of you, my life has been a success.”

Dore is feeling well and responding well to treatment. However, he said he accepts that will only prolong his life, not save it.