12/15/2014 05:29 EST | Updated 12/15/2014 05:59 EST

Apple's Holiday Ad, 'The Song,' Just Melted Our Hearts

Grab the tissues: Apple has just released a holiday ad and it's making us misty.

Like last year's ad titled "Misunderstood," in which a quiet young man made a touching family video without anyone noticing, 2014's "The Song" shows how Apple products can help preserve and even enhance family memories.

The new ad shows a young woman filing through old records and finding a song, "Love is Here to Stay," that her grandmother apparently recorded for her grandfather when they couldn't be together for the holidays.

The young woman listens to the song intently, then picks up a guitar and records a musical accompaniment.

The grandmother wakes up one morning to find an iPad mini 3 on the kitchen table with a card saying, "'A Duet,' Press Play."

Her reaction upon hearing the song, with the young woman's enhancements, is priceless.

"Misunderstood" won a Creative Arts Emmy Award for Outstanding Commercial. We think this one deserves similar consideration.

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