12/16/2014 01:10 EST | Updated 12/16/2014 03:59 EST

Natty Valencia's 'All About That Bass' Cover Will Make You Re-Think The Original (VIDEO)

Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” was arguably the song of the summer this year, but Albertan singer/songwriter Natty Valencia created her own version that should really be shown off for a long, long time.

The St. Albert native explains that she enjoyed listening to and dancing to Trainor’s catchy tune just like everyone else before she closer look at the lyrics – which don’t exactly favour women with smaller builds.

“While the intention was there to make women of larger sizes feel beautiful and proud and loved, she was doing it at the expense of putting other women down,” Valencia explains.

“I didn’t agree with that.”

So, Valencia wrote her own cover, arguing that “it” isn’t really “about that bass” at all – and it’s awesome.

She explains a bit of her thought process during the video's intro, showing that she has a whole lot of body-image-wisdom to share with the world.

And let’s not forget, folks – Valencia is only 20. She’s right smack-dab in middle of the decade when many women are recovering from the acceptance-seeking-roller-coaster that is high school, and she’s sending out messages like this, with a catchy melody to boot.

Preach, girl.


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