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These 99 Photos Define Canada's 21st Century So Far

These are the pictures that will end up in the history books.

  • Canada welcomes the new millennium with lots of love
    Tom Hanson/CP
  • Justin Trudeau cries at the foot of his father's casket (2000)
    Paul Chiasson/Getty Images
  • 'Miracle Baby' Ashley Thomson is reunited with her parents after being thrown hundreds of feet from a car by a tornado in Pine Lake, Alta. Her parents were badly injured in the accident, Ashley surviv
    Dale Brazao/Toronto Star via Getty Images
  • Beverley McLachlin laughs as she's sworn in as Canada's first female chief justice of the Supreme Court (2000)
    Tom Hanson/CP
  • A fan pays his respects to Canadiens legend Maurice 'Rocket' Richard (2000)
    Ryan Remiorz/CP
  • Canadian Alliance leader Stockwell Day arrives at his first press conference as an MP... on a Jet Ski (2000)
    Adrian Wyld/CP
  • Tamara Smith, 5, is evacuated from Walkerton, Ont. amid an E. Coli outbreak. She survived, but 7 people died as the result of a tainted water supply (2000)
    Kevin Frayer/CP
  • Planes grounded on 9/11 take refuge in Halifax (2001)
    Halifax Airport Authority
  • Volunteers in Halifax prepare beds for travellers stranded by the terrorist attacks (2001)
    Tim Krochak/CP
  • Gerald Jennings of Sydney, N.S. reflects after his final shift at the now-shuttered coal mine where he worked for a quarter-century (2001)
    Andrew Vaughan/CP
  • The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO), buried 2 km down in the largest underground cavity ever built, proves neutrinos oscillate and therefore likely have mass (2001)
  • Police fire water cannons at demonstrators during the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City (2001)
    Tom Hanson/CP
  • Canadian troops launch an assault in Eastern Afghanistan (2002)
    Stephen Thorne/CP
  • Marc Léger, one of the first Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan, returns home (2002)
    Jonathon Hayward/CP
  • Pope John Paul II speaks to roughly 500,000 young people at World Youth Day in Toronto (2002)
    GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images
  • A crowd watches the massive forest fires near Kelowna, B.C. (2003)
    Gary Nylander/Kelowna Daily Courier via CP
  • Maher Arar recounts being tortured after his deportation to Syria (2003)
    Tom Hanson/CP
  • The first gay couple to legally marry in Canada celebrates after saying their vows (2003)
    Michael Stuparyk/Toronto Star via Getty Images
  • Toronto goes dark during the 2003 blackout
    Fred Lum/The Globe and Mail via CP
  • A nurse at Toronto's St. Michael's Hospital during the SARS outbreak (2003)
    J.P. Moczulski/Getty Images
  • Roughly half a million Torontonians rock out at SARS-Stock, the largest outdoor ticketed event in Canadian history (2003)
    David Cooper/Toronto Star via CP
  • Prime Minister Jean Chrétien received a standing ovation after refusing to join the U.S. war in Iraq (2003)
    Jonathan Hayward/CP
  • A homeless man is overcome with grief as he signs a card for his friend James Kagoshima, an activist who died as a result of a life lived on the street (2004)
    Michael Hudson/CP
  • Thousands of people hold a candle-lit vigil to protest George Bush's visit to Ottawa (2004)
    Jim Ross/Getty Images
  • A Canadian veteran cries on Juno Beach on the 60th anniversary of D-Day (2004)
    Mike Large/CP
  • Jean Chrétien testifies at the Gomery Inquiry into the sponsorship scandal (2005)
    Jonathan Hayward/CP
  • The headdress-bearers cry during the memorial for the Mounties murdered in Mayerthorpe, Alta. (2005)
    Larry MacDougal/CP
  • Cpl. Dina Trussler comforts her daughter Samantha as her stepfather's casket passes by. Cpl. Glen Harold Arnold was killed in a suicide attack in Afghanistan (2006)
    Frank Gunn/CP
  • RIM Co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Michael Lazaridis hold BlackBerrys one year before the launch of the iPhone (2006)
    Norm Betts/Bloomberg via Getty Images
  • Students evacuate Dawson College during a campus shooting spree (2006)
    Peter McCabe/CP
  • Conrad Black gives the finger to the media outside his fraud trial in Chicago (2007)
    Dave Chidley/CP
  • Toronto police officer Devin Kealey gets in a water fight at Pride (2007)
    Tibor Kolley/CP
  • Cpl. Matthew Dicks salutes two fallen comrades killed in the same attack that left him injured (2007)
    Ryan Remiorz/CP
  • Prime Minister Stephen Harper apologizes for more than a century of abuse inflicted upon Aboriginal people in residential schools (2008)
    Fred Chartrand/CP
  • A student sits alone after the memorial service for the 7 players and 1 teacher killed when the bus for the Bathurst Phantoms basketball team collided with a transport truck (2008)
    Andrew Vaughan/CP
  • Rehtaeh Parsons in Halifax's Seaview Park (2008)
    Glen Canning
  • Ducks covered in oil at Syncrude's Aurora tailings pond. Roughly 1,600 birds died in the incident (2008)
    Todd Powell/Government of Alberta
  • The TSX tumbles during the financial crisis (2008)
    Tara Walton/Toronto Star via Getty Images
  • Banksy leaves his mark on Toronto (2010)
    Nathan Denette/CP
  • A young man stomps on a car during the Toronto G20 (2010)
    Ryan Remiorz/CP
  • A protester kneels before riot police in Toronto's financial district during the G20 (2010)
    Nathan Denette/CP
  • A view from above as protesters are 'kettled' by police during the G20 (2010)
    Jonas Naimark
  • And from below (2010)
    Christian Lapid/CP
  • Canadians pay tribute to Master Cpl. Kristal Giesebrecht and Pte. Andrew Miller on the Highway of Heroes. The soldiers were killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan (2010)
    Adrien Veczan/CP
  • A man helps a woman inject drugs a short walk from the opening ceremonies for the Vancouver Olympics (2010)
    Jae C. Hong/CP
  • The Canadian women's hockey team celebrates after winning gold at the Vancouver games (2010)
    Alex Livesey/Getty Images
  • Sidney Crosby celebrates his golden goal (2010)
    Paul Chiasson/CP
  • Ralph Steinman's widow Claudia blows a kiss to her husband after accepting his Nobel Prize for medicine. He died just three days before he was set to accept it
    Jonathan Nackstrand/AFP/Getty Images
  • A woman protests Alberta oilsands development on Parliament Hill (2010)
    Adrian Wyld/CP
  • An Afghan child gives a high five to a Canadian soldier in Panjwayi district (2010)
    Anja Niedringhaus/AP
  • "Emperor Haute Couture" by painter Margaret Sutherland (2011)
    Margaret Sutherland
  • A massive algae bloom in Lake Erie (2011)
  • Bev Oda takes a smoke break amid the 'Not' scandal (2011)
    Sean Kilpatrick/CP
  • People pose for pictures in front of a burning car during the Stanley Cup riots in Vancouver (2011)
    Geoff Howe/CP
  • A couple kisses during the Vancouver riots (2011)
    Rich Lam/Getty Images
  • Stephen Harper celebrates after winning a majority government (2011)
    Jonathan Hayward/CP
  • An Occupy protester holds up a sign in Toronto's financial district (2011)
    Chris Young/CP
  • Two soldiers comfort each other as they say goodbye to a fallen comrade after the final Remembrance Day ceremony at Kandahar Air Field in Afghanistan (2011)
    Ryan Remiorz/CP
  • Jack Layton leaves the stage at his final NDP Convention (2011)
    Darryl Dyck/CP
  • Children hold hands at a spontaneous tribute for late NDP Leader Jack Layton (2011)
    Aaron Vincent Elkaim/CP
  • Olivia Chow cries in front of her late husband's casket (2011)
    Ryan Remiorz/CP
  • A man protests misleading robocalls made during the federal election (2012)
    Graham Hughes/CP
  • Kate Middleton hugs Diamond Marshall. The 6-year-old girl wrote the Duchess a letter after watching the royal wedding. She died this year from osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer (2011)
    Nathan Denett/CP
  • 'Rogue Page' Brigette DePape protests the Conservative government during the Speech from the Throne (2011)
    Sean Kilpatrick/CP
  • Jenna Talackova poses at the Miss Universe Canada pageant after initially being disqualified for being transgender (2012)
    Chris Young/CP
  • Police pepper spray a crowd during a protest against higher tuition fees in Montreal (2012)
    Ryan Remiorz/CP
  • Montreal marks the 100th day of a student strike with what many billed as the largest act of civil disobedience in Canadian history (2012)
    Graham Hughes/CP
  • Justin Trudeau celebrates his boxing win over Patrick Brazeau (2012)
    Jake Wright/CP
  • Ikea Monkey claims his place in internet history (2012)
    Lisa Lin/Bronwyn Iler Page
  • Sikh Torontonians hold a vigil after a mass shooting at a Wisconsin temple (2012)
    Photo by Keith Beaty/Toronto Star via Getty Images
  • Friends and family reflect over the casket of Lincoln Alexander, Canada's first black MP (2012)
    Nathan Denette/CP
  • The price of a case of water in Nunavut (2012)
    Josh Kalluk/Facebook
  • A woman dressed as the Grim Reaper protests federal cuts to science programs (2012)
    Fred Chartrand/CP
  • Diners eat at a Toronto restaurant as a homeless man looks on (2013)
    Anthony Mark Ibele from Waterloo, ON.
  • Chris Hadfield sings David Bowie's Space Oddity aboard the ISS (2013)
    NASA/Rex Features
  • A woman kneels before police during a protest by members of the Elsipogtog First Nation against fracking exploration (2013)
    Ossie Michelin/APTN
  • Cpl. Anthony Alliot gets a kiss as the last Canadian troops return from Afghanistan (2014)
    Adrian Wyld/CP
  • Kevan Yeats flees his sinking truck to save his cat Momo during the Alberta floods (2013)
    Jordan Verlage/CP
  • Idle No More protesters block the tracks in Portage La Prairie, Man. (2013)
    John Woods/CP
  • Smoke rises from railway cars in Lac-Mégantic (2013)
    Paul Chiasson/CP
  • A Ferrari is drowned during a flash flood in Toronto (2013)
    Patrick Dell/The Globe and Mail via CP
  • Idle No More demonstrator Gordie Odjig stands in front of the Prime Minister's Office (2013)
    Sean Kilpatrick/CP
  • Sammy Yatim's mother, Sahar Bahadi, breaks down while leading a rally to the spot where her son was shot by a police officer (2013)
    Rene Johnston/Toronto Star via Getty Images
  • People watch a pod of orca whales trapped in the ice in northern Quebec. The whales were lucky enough to escape, but other orcas continue to be driven north by climate change (2013)
    Marina Lacasse via CP
  • A vigil for missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls on Parliament Hill (2013)
    Fred Chartrand/CP
  • Fire engulfs a seniors' residence in L'Isle-Verte, Que. 32 people died in the blaze (2014)
    Frances Drouin/CP
  • Moguls skier Alex Bilodeau hugs his brother Frederic after winning the Olympic gold medal. Bilodeau says his brother, who has cerebral palsy, is his hero (2014)
    Cameron Spencer/Getty Images
  • Denny Morrison high fives teammate Gilmore Junio. Junio gave up his spot in the 500 m speedskating finals so Morrison could compete. He won silver (2014)
    Adrian Wyld/CP
  • Canada's busiest highway during the men's gold medal hockey game (2014)
  • Murdered Mountie Dave Ross' dog Danny says a final goodbye (2014)
    Andrew Vaughan/CP
  • A massive fire rages in Banff National Park during an intense summer drought (2014)
    Amanda Nand
  • Tina Fontaine's mother, left, receives an embrace at the vigil for her daughter. Fontaine's killing remains unsolved (2014)
    Trevor Hagan/CP
  • Toronto Mayor Rob Ford holds a pipe (2014)
  • Toronto couple BJ Barone and Frankie Nelson welcome their new son into the world (2014)
    Lindsay Foster
  • Akio Maroon and her 7-year-old daughter Emilie Ruel speak at a rally against police brutality (2014)
    Vince Talotta/Toronto Star via Getty Images
  • Cpl. Nathan Cirillo guards the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier just days before being murdered (2014)
    Guillaume Hache
  • Nathan Cirillo's dogs wait for their master to return (2014)
    Peter Power/CP

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