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Dr. Dreidel Is A Hilarious Way To Celebrate Hanukkah

Hanukkah begins today, and a San Francisco-based artist is marking the Jewish holiday with "Dr. Dreidel," a new toy that fuses hip hop and Judaism.

Hannah Rothstein's dreidel is just like any other — you can spin it around with the goal of winning prizes like money or candy.

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dr dreidel

But the letters "Gimmel, Nun, Hey and Shin," an acronym for the phrase, "Nes gadol hayah sham" ("A great miracle happened here"), now take a new Dr. Dre-inspired twist, Rothstein explains on her website.

"Gimmel" means "take all;" but on this dreidel, Dre gives you a "thumbs-up."

dr dre gimmel

"Nun" means "nothing happens," the player gets squat. Hence Dre's bland expression.

dr dreidel nun

"Hay" means "take half," personified in a laser-etched image of Dre looking "mildly smug."

dr dreidel hay

"Shin" means "put one in." If a player spins the toy and lands on this one, they have to put more money or candy into the pot. Dre, pointing a gun at his head, doesn't like this play.

dr dreidel shin

Rothstein created the dreidel "for its sheer hilarity and the love of puns."

"The more delight I can bring the world, the better," she told ABC News. "I want to be a fun-gineer."

And it's not the first time she's generated such enjoyable art that incorporates pop culture.

Earlier this year she created prints and flasks featuring comic book heroes.

First in a series complete! #superhero #art

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