12/16/2014 12:13 EST | Updated 02/14/2015 05:59 EST

Winnipeg police says black van service promising free needles likely a hoax

WINNIPEG - Winnipeg police say posters promoting a black van driving around the city at night offering free STD screenings, clean needles and free soup and food are likely a hoax.

The posters feature a picture of the van and claim that a man named Garry, his wife Jennifer and another man named Trevor are out to give back to the community.

In addition, the posters suggest the trio offer "a number of other services to women," though what those services might be aren't specified.

Const. Jason Michalyshen with the Winnipeg police say if anyone in the public has information to share on the supposed service, they should call police.

He says officers have reached out to the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, which runs its own mobile public health service, but the two are in no way connected.