12/17/2014 10:42 EST | Updated 12/19/2014 01:59 EST

'Liquor Stories': SwearNet Celebrates Alcohol With Jim Lahey (VIDEO)

We may have said goodbye to "Trailer Park Boys" (except on Netflix Canada, you can still catch them there), but local drunk Jim Lahey (played by John Dunsworth) seems to be getting some work on the Boys' latest venture, SwearNet.

Above is the pilot episode of "Liquor Stories," starring Mr. Lahey. A cross between "Masterpiece Theatre" and some belligerent drunk guy at a party, Lahey goes over the merits of "Bim Jeam" (of course we know he means Jim Beam), and goes over a step-by-step method on how to drink the liquor.

C'mon, everyone, have a little "sippy-poo."

Expect more episodes to come -- on SwearNet and YouTube -- starting on December 22, 2014.