12/18/2014 08:23 EST | Updated 02/17/2015 05:59 EST

Pop Danthology 2014 another YouTube hit for Vancouver's Daniel Kim

With almost two million YouTube views in just three days, Daniel Kim's Pop Danthology mashup is yet another viral hit for the Vancouver man. 

A mashup of the year's best in pop music, the annual Danthology regularly scores multi-million views, with Pop Danthology 2012 hitting almost 60 million.

This year's six-minute mashup — where instrumental tracks are combined and synced with vocals from two or more songs — includes tracks from Miley Cyrus, Pharrell and Taylor Swift.

In an accompanying 'Making of' video, Kim — who lives in Yaletown — explains his process, which starts in January every year as he starts making notes on songs he hears.

In September, he begins gathering and looking for the best quality instrumental versions the tracks — a process he says averages 30 hours of work.

He says he organizes the songs slightly differently to that of a DJ, prioritizing the key and with it, the ability to create harmonies, over the tempo or beats per minute.

The entire mashup takes an estimated 180 hours to put together.

"It is a huge project," he says.