12/18/2014 10:05 EST | Updated 02/17/2015 05:59 EST

Retired North Vancouver superintendent John Lewis re-hired, accused of double dipping

Some might call it double dipping, but the superintendent of North Vancouver's school district says he's doing nothing wrong by collecting both a pension and a salary.

John Lewis retired from the district's top job in September after a 35-year career, but he has now been hired him back by the school board to do the same job on a two-year contract.

Lewis is now eligible to collect a full pension and a salary comparable to what he previously earned — approximately $246,000. 

Barry Forward, the newly-elected chair of the North Vancouver Board of Education, said the board will look into the hiring.

"We have a new board in place after the elections and the succession plan, the whole plan, will be looked at in the new year."

Lewis insists there's nothing wrong with the arrangement. 

"All people that are working have a responsibility to plan for their future, whether they have pension plan through their employer or as an individual," he said. 

However, a North Vancouver blogger, Bill Bell, who first raised the issue said this should not be allowed.    

"It's bad politics...and it should never happen at the provincial level, school board level or municipal level."

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