12/19/2014 01:29 EST | Updated 11/25/2015 02:59 EST

17 Things You Should Never Say To A Single Person Over The Holidays (But Someone Did)

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The holiday season is full of interpersonal booby traps, especially when the worlds of work, family or old friends collide. Yet, even though most of us know which topics to stay away from, some people just can't help but awkwardly bring up the "s" word.

"Oh, so you're still single?"

Innocent or not, the question can still pack a mean punch. But, according to these PlentyOfFish users, it can get worse. The online dating site recently asked its patrons about the wildest advice or questions they've received about being single over the holidays.

Here are the top 17 comments they reportedly received from their loved ones:

1. "Even Charles Manson has a date for the holidays ..."

2. "Merry Christmas. Have you got a new boyfriend yet?"

3. "Are there cobwebs up there yet?"

4. "You are the last of the family tree!"

5. "If you were a better cook you could catch a husband."

6. "When I saw this 'Grow Your Own Boyfriend toy', I just knew I had to get it for you for Christmas"

7. "If you were a better housekeeper you could catch a husband."

8. "Hope you have shares in a battery company."

9. "You need to wear sexier clothes. Show some cleavage."

10. "You're certainly welcome to bring your mother as your S.O. to my party on Saturday"

11. "Honey, I hope you find out what love feels like before you get to be my age"

"Nan, you're 84".

(Dramatic Pause)

"I know".

12. "I know this perfect man for you. He has just split with his wife, the divorce is a bit nasty, no money, no job, no car and a few health problems. But at your age you can't be too picky. Oops, that's right he just brought home a Filipino bride."

13. "Don't you like children? Why didn't you have any while you had the chance?"

14. "Career women like you, tsk, tsk. Thinking you can have it all."

15. "I think your standards are too high"

"Aunt Marie, I just want a guy to hang out with every once in a while; a guy who is easy going, good in bed and he has to have at least average intelligence".

"Yeah, way too high."

16. "You need to dumb yourself down. Stop using such big words."

17. "If you lose some weight, all your problems will be gone"

Have you received any gems of relationship wisdom? Leave them in the comments below!

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