12/20/2014 09:44 EST | Updated 02/19/2015 05:59 EST

Poster suggesting sexual orientation as illness raises questions

A teachers and her students at a New Brunswick high school are raising concerns about a poster telling students with questions about their sexual orientation to go to the doctor.

The poster, created by the provincially run Link program, is meant to help youth in crisis by guiding them through different life scenarios.

But Gail Costello had a problem with it the moment she spotted it.

The teacher at Oromocto High School said it delivers a troubling message: "Your sexual orientation was a medical problem and you would go to the doctor for that. And that's a problem."

Costello refuses to put up the poster in her classroom.

Grade 9 student McKenna Lafleur says sexual orientation shouldn't be categorized in the same way as sexual health problems, so seeing a doctor shouldn't be listed as the first course of action.

"(It) just brings it back to the stereotype that sexual orientation is an illness," said Lafleur.

The poster has been distributed to several schools in the province.

Costello and a few of her students brought their concerns to the Link program on Friday, prompting officials to agree to consider changing the posters.

In the meantime, they will not print out any more posters like the ones put up at Oromocto High School.