12/20/2014 11:32 EST | Updated 02/19/2015 05:59 EST

Saskatoon police: tainted street drugs send 10 to hospital

Potentially deadly ingredients mixed into cocaine and ecstasy sent 10 people to hospital on Friday night, and police in Saskatoon are warning others to be careful.

All of the people had taken ecstasy or cocaine that police believe was laced with something deadly, Saskatoon Police Service spokesperson Alyson Edwards told reporters Saturday afternoon. She said all 10 people displayed symptoms consistent with those of a drug overdose. 

Edwards told reporters the events are very uncommon, and are cause for alarm.

"We're not sure what the chemical is exactly, what we do know is that it is life-threatening and it can cause serious injury or even death," Edwards said. "Just by the number of cases we saw last night it is very concerning to us."

Eight of the people affected by the drugs were taken to hospital by medical emergency crews, and then police were notified. The other two, both teenage boys, were picked up by police.

Symptoms caught after car crash

Edwards said one of the two teens police picked up was driving a vehicle on the city's east side, which he crashed near Gray and Central avenues. Responding officers realized the teen was in medical distress and took him to hospital.

There were passengers in the car at the time, Edwards said, but she did not release information on their status.

Edwards had no further information about the condition of any of the 10 people, but she said police had not been notified of any deaths as of Saturday afternoon.

"If someone out there has information about the sale of these drugs. Where the drugs are coming from, please contact us. They can do that anonymously through Crime Stoppers," Edwards said.

Police also reminded people that any illegal drug comes with the risk of serious injury or death.