12/21/2014 02:00 EST | Updated 02/20/2015 05:59 EST

Kimberly Mountie frees elk stuck in fence

A YouTube video of a Mountie freeing an elk in the Rocky Mountain Trench east of Kimberly, B.C. has garnered more than 24,000 hits.

Kimberly Corporal Chris Newell said police got a call about an elk in distress off Highway 95A east of Kimberly around 11 a.m. PT earlier this month.

The female elk was tightly wrapped in a wire fence and was obviously suffering and in distress. 

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Luckily for the elk, said Newell, RCMP were able to call in Sgt. Darrell Robinson, a Mountie who hunts and has experience in the bush.

"This officer, he's a hunter," Newell said, "quite avid in the bush. and there was potential to be kicked and I think that would have hurt." 

Newell said Robinson found the full-grown cow laying on her back with two legs caught in the wire. He was able to approach the animal and free both legs with bolt cutters.

"We actually carry bolt cutters in most of our vehicles, and he was able to snap the wires and she was able to walk away basically unharmed."

Newell said it's believed the elk was trapped for at least an hour before police arrived.

Later that day, RCMP put out a news release. "Mountie releases elk," it said, "No charges."

MAP: Kimberly, B.C.