12/22/2014 08:27 EST | Updated 12/22/2014 10:59 EST

Boxing Day Sales On Electronics Start Earlier Than You Might Think


It may be losing some ground to Black Friday, but Boxing Day still offers plenty of deals for people who didn't haul in enough on Christmas.

The good news for the most eager shoppers, especially those who love tech, is that they don't even have to wait until Dec. 26.

Electronics retailers Best Buy and Future Shop — the former owns the latter — will actually host Boxing Day sales online starting Dec. 24.

The "Boxing Day Sales" at Future Shop and Best Buy will actually last from 8 p.m. ET on Dec. 24 to 3 a.m. ET on Jan. 2.

Future Shop was among the first retailers to commence Boxing Day shopping online on Christmas Eve in 1999. Best Buy followed in 2004.

And as Future Shop spokesman Elliott Chun said, the tactic is "great" for its customers.

"By the time our last store closes on Vancouver Island at 5 p.m., when the online sale kicks in, it's as if we're continually open," he told The Huffington Post Canada. "It's been a very successful initiative we've been running for several years and we anticipate another exceptional online sale this year."

Chun added that online sales allow Future Shop to keep an "endless aisle" of product, rather than be restricted to what's available in store.

Boxing Day deals at both Future Shop and Best Buy will be announced Monday.

But statistics around household debt suggest many Canadians might not want to rush to their computers and snap up products on Christmas Eve.

Data from Statistics Canada shows that Canadian household debt reached a record high in 2014's third quarter, hitting 162.6 per cent of average household disposable income.

It means that, for every dollar Canadians earn, they owe about $1.63, The Canadian Press pointed out.

So maybe some of us shouldn't be so quick to run out and grab that new iPad or 4K resolution TV.

But for those of us who can afford it, there's a chance to have a jump on shoppers who think Boxing Day still starts two days later.

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