12/22/2014 10:45 EST | Updated 02/21/2015 05:59 EST

Manitoba Telecom Services affecting 911, landlines, cell service; Twitter abuzz

WINNIPEG - Manitoba Telecom Services Inc. warned 911 service in the province was affected by outages that had it working on repairs and apologizing on Twitter.

Both wireless and landline services were affected Monday, and while wireless services were back working about 4 p.m., the landline issue was still a problem.

Later Monday, wireless calls were failing again and Twitter was buzzing with messages about the problem.

Not everyone was affected by the MTS outages.

There were no reports as of late Monday of any medical emergencies created by the outages.

Michael Anderson, who owns an IT company, says he’s never seen a problem go on that long and affect both wired and wireless communications systems at the same time.

The two are usually on separate systems.

"Our help desk has been unreachable for seven or eight hours... I don’t remember anything this serious ever. It has to be pretty significant," Anderson said.

He also said the outages would cause problems for health providers, such as his wife, who is doctor in Steinbach, part of an on-call obstetrics group.

"If she has a patient who requires, say, an emergency C-section, well, the surgeon is on call. If that surgeon is on an MTS cell, he’s unreachable. That’s a problem."

MTS had not offered any cause for the problems as of Monday night.

(Winnipeg Free Press)