12/23/2014 01:26 EST | Updated 12/23/2014 01:59 EST

Albertans Loved To Renovate Basements In 2014

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Albertans decided to drain their renovation budgets into basements and bathrooms in 2014, a home improvement study has found. has released home renovation findings across the country, based on searches and quote requests made to their website.

In an effort to increase home values, Albertans put basement renos first, while expensive structural additions were the least popular choice.

However, data earlier this month shows Albertans are not renovating as much as they have in the past. Statistics Canada found that in 2014 renovation spending declined to $1.18 billion – from $1.27 billion during the same three-month period in 2013.

ATB Finanical's chief economist told Maclean's magazine that decline could be indicative of people's desire to move, rather than renovate.

“Instead of hiring contractors to rip out walls and flooring—or even trying to do it themselves—it seems some Albertans may have opted simply to move into something new," said Todd Hirsch.

As well, reports Maclean's, Alberta could be seeing a slight decline as more people have finished renovations that were needed after 2013's devastating floods.

Check out the projects where Albertans flexed their renovation muscles this year:

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