12/23/2014 03:54 EST | Updated 12/23/2014 03:59 EST

Dan Mangan Sings The Most Vancouver Christmas Song That Vancouver Ever Christmas'd (VIDEO)

There is many a Christmas song floating around the interwebs, but perhaps none are more in tune with Vancouver than this little jam.

Performed by local talent Dan Mangan (along with the adorable children of the On The Coast Children's Choir) and written by CBC Music producer Jon Siddall, "A Very Vancouver Christmas" is the perfect (and cheeky) VanCity holiday tune. Mangan worked on the lyrics, which were crowd-sourced from listeners of CBC Radio One's show "On the Coast."

"It's Christmas in Vancouver, no snowflakes falling down. Won't all the cars be happy the bike lanes go year round?" the tune begins. "It's Christmas in Vancouver, no need for tire change. The heat from our hot yoga is fuelling climate change."

The song also mentions Vancouver's mountains, beaches, the Canucks, and soaring housing prices.

That's Christmas in Vancouver, alright.

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