12/23/2014 14:20 EST | Updated 02/22/2015 05:59 EST

Lions Bay closes trails after Erin Kate Moore, 7, killed in rock slide

One day after a seven-year-old girl died in a rock slide on a popular hiking trail, the mayor of Lions Bay village says he'll be closing a number of local trails pending a safety assessment.

Erin Kate Moore was struck and killed by a rock slide on Monday morning while out with a hiking group on Unnecessary Mountain near the village, which is located north of Vancouver on the Sea to Sky Highway.

"We probably will, as a precaution, until we can assess the trails above the village, close all of them," said Mayor Karl Buhr on Tuesday morning.

Moore had stopped to take photographs near Lonetree Creek when rocks came crashing down the creek bed burying her.

Rescuers dug the girl out and performed CPR, but despite their best efforts, the young girl died on site. Nobody else was hurt in the rock slide.

Community memorial

There were 19 other hikers on the hike with Erin when she was killed, including her mother and brother, and counselling services are being offered for those who need it.

Others are encouraged to gather at the village hall, where flags are lowered to half-mast and a memorial is being created, said Buhr.

"We are putting up a remembrance board outside the village hall and we are hoping people will come and spare a thought, light a candle, put up a picture in memory of the family that means so much to us," he said.

The family is originally from South Africa, but now lives in Furry Creek, just north of Lions Bay.

Neighbour Margaret Van Till hopes to help the mourning family, which has relatives visiting for the holidays.

"I can offer my house, because I run a bed and breakfast. People can stay for free, that is maybe what I can do," she said.