12/24/2014 02:28 EST | Updated 02/23/2015 05:59 EST

John Scott suspended 4 games for punch to Tim Jackman

The NHL's Department of Player Safety has suspended San Jose Sharks forward John Scott for four games without pay due to an illegal punch to Anaheim Ducks' Tim Jackman.

The decision was announced Wednesday afternoon following a phone hearing with Scott. The incident occurred in a Monday night game between the Sharks and the Ducks. 

Scott's suspension was handed down due to the injury his punch caused, and the fact that Jackman was not expecting it. According to the video explanation, driving to the net and getting into shoving matches after the whistle is common, but Scott's reaction to Jackman's initial shove was deemed unacceptable. 

His history as a repeat offender was also a factor in the decision.