12/24/2014 02:58 EST | Updated 12/25/2014 10:59 EST

Kiesza's 'Hideaway' Christmas Parody Video Makes Us Smile, Thanks To 'A Brave Moose'

The glory of the one-shot wonder continues! Just when you thought Kiesza's "Hideaway" music video couldn't get more contagious, comedy troupe "A Brave Moose" has remixed it featuring Christmas' biggest holiday characters.

Santa Claus, his loyal reindeer, elves, Mrs. Claus and even the Grinch are among the costumed cast and crew who dance up a storm in the parody video — which earned a stamp of approval from Kiesza herself.

The Calgary-born singer and dancer applauded the New York-based group's efforts, with the following Facebook post:

She also shared it on her Twitter page, and called the video "amazing."

Kiesza's "Hideaway" video quickly went viral after its original posting on Feb. 12. Shot with a single-take, it chronicles the "What is Love" singer's aerobic moves on the streets of Brooklyn with a series of backup dancers behind her amidst several interruptions. It has since earned over 185 million views on YouTube and Vevo. The song is also HuffPost Canada's number one song of 2014.

And what better way to revive the 25-year-old's musical prowess than with a Christmas version? Keeping the song and lyrics intact, A Brave Moose filmed their edition of the video in a similar New York setting. Except, this time around, a "Jesus"-type character glides by Santa on a skateboard.

What's not to love?

Watch a behind-the-scenes version of the video below: