12/24/2014 11:00 EST | Updated 02/23/2015 05:59 EST

Longueuil 'Santa cops' dole out $100 bills to unsuspecting motorists

If you see flashing lights in your rear-view mirror and you happen to be driving on Montreal's South Shore, make sure to pull over promptly — you may get $100 out of it.

Two anonymous donors gave $5,000 to the Longueuil police force and asked them to give them out to unsuspecting drivers. 

The surprise gift comes a week after a similar stunt was pulled by a Montreal officer after a friend gave him $5,000 to distribute.

Police officers in Longueuil began distributing the bills on Dec. 23 and will hand out their last c-notes on Dec. 24.

The anonymous donors asked that officers try to identify people who would benefit the most from the gifts, and that they give the money out by pulling people over.

Officers in a news release said one man pulled over for the gift told the officer he would be sending the money right away to his family in Haiti.