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What Was The Best Thing That Happened To You In 2014? Our Readers Respond

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What a year: 2014 is almost over and as it comes to a close, it's natural to think back on the year that was.

But instead of just looking at the big stories that made an impact on the news, we thought we'd turn it around and find out about the moments that made it such a memorable year for our readers.

Earlier this month we asked our readers, "What was the best thing that happened to you in 2014?"

We received dozens of responses and we've collected our favourites.

  • You Saw The World
    You Saw The World
    Photo: Getty Images
    "Volunteering in Austria and then travelling through the country." - Sofie Novak

    "Visited Guatemala for two weeks." - Sophie Mhun

    "I walked 150 km of the Camino Frances route in Spain." - Cathy Bernatavicius

    "Crossing the Arctic Circle on the Hurtigruten in Norway." - Joan Morrissey

    "My friend took me to Bali Indonesia for 16 days! What an amazing gift and surprise." - Sue Peters Paine

    "My first visit to the southern hemisphere!" - @GeekyCatGirl
  • Or Found Your Place In It
    Or Found Your Place In It
    Glennis Newton/Facebook
    "Moved into our dream house on the water. My husband finished it from lock up stage. Every day off this is my sunrise view. #ilovewhereilive" - Glennis Newton

    "Moved back to Montreal after 5.5yrs out west - je me souviens et c'est ci bon!" - @tsainscow

    "Spent summer unemployed with my husband then moved to #yyc and bought a house." - @WThatcher604

    "Getting close with some very special friends here in #SanDiego." - @LainieCarter
  • And Found Love..
    And Found Love..
    "Being reunited with my significant other Don Smith!" - Ashley Nigl

    "Got engaged!! And got a second dog!" - Selena Pegg

    "I got married to the love of my life Colton, and my sister gave birth to her son Griffin." - Jennifer Ross

    "Marrying my best friend, my soulmate was the best thing to happen to me this year" - Kim Woodbury

    "I asked him to marry me and he said yes." - @tracy39700229

    "Meeting my sweet man." - @PatRiotChick
  • And Tied The Knot
    And Tied The Knot
    Top row, from left to right: Corrissa Calm Meadow and Callie.
    Jennifer Ross and her husband.
    Colton, LauLau Thom-McKenna and her husband.

    Bottom row, from left to right: Photo submitted by Ruth Bondy Wannek
    Jon McGregor and his wife.
    Susan Crawford and her husband.


    "Marrying my best friend & true love." - @MrsWendyAnn

    "Getting married to my amazing man (and celebrating 6 years together) <3." - @MrsMattey

    "Marrying my soulmate!" - @Trelle_K

  • Celebrated Milestones
    Celebrated Milestones
    Getty Images
    "I graduated from college with a certificate and diploma in human service worker at the age of 37 , which enabled me to start my dream job and head towards going to school for my bachelor's degree ." - Jana Schulz

    "I founded the Milton Philharmonic Orchestra, and it has become so much better than ever expected. Stunning music = happiness." - Jenn Callum

    "Watching my mom run the Boston marathon." - @Coombes

    "I graduated highschool." - @Maddie_237

    "My #BestThing2014 would be getting my first real job after uni." - @MB_VV

    "Finally getting a job I'm passionate about." - @JuliaTung

    "I became Canadian. Accepting citizenship was an 11-year-long dream come true!" - @CherylJMuir

    "I celebrated a one year anniversary of having survived a brain hemorrhage and stroke to be with my family that much longer!" - @Dana_Hangle

    "Cancer free!!!" - @Smolskanator

    "My autistic son's first report card." - @TaraBarnable

    "I have a couple: youngest daughter came home (runaway); I made it to 50 lol; another year free from cancer (7 now)." - @LeoMom64

    " I received an award for my volunteer achievements. Unexpected and an honour!" - Arrianah Armstrong
  • "In April, we learned my husband was accepted into the Teacher Education program at uOttawa. He started classes in September, at the age of 45. You're never too old to make your dreams come true!!" - Kristina Wilson

  • "Celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary in July...with much love & laughter!" - Lisa Paulette MoesGirl
  • Some Of You Made New Friends
    Some Of You Made New Friends
    Top left: "Rescued this lil' guy. Love him to bits!!" - Tyler Escobar Chantal Bain

    Top right: "Being able to rescue this boy from a shelter; he is our world and couldn't imagine life without him in it." - Kristina Moore

    Bottom left: "Got a puppy." - Mina Soares

    Bottom right: "After losing our 13-month-old flashy boxer to a heart defect we decided we would adopt a boxer as we had developed an affinity for the breed. We adopted Chase in June of 2014 from Boxer Rescue Ontario. She's a senior girl and she has her eccentricities but, it was truly her that rescued us! This is my daughter Lily with Chase." - Tanya Head Barton

  • Or Had An Old One Come Home
    Or Had An Old One Come Home
    "After 18 months of being away, my dog came back home to me ... Here she is with my great niece, Rylin, Halloween Day, 2014." - Kerri Miller
  • You Celebrated Your Families
    You Celebrated Your Families
    "I always said, 'Laughter is the key to a successful marriage.' Aug. 21, 2014 was the celebration of our 40th wedding anniversary with our three children and seven grandchildren! What a wonderful adventure for my husband and myself to have had such a wonderful journey together!" - Francine Aylestock
  • "Met my great granddaughters for the first time, they are two years old! Wonderful little girls!" - Sharron Lee Harvey-Gardner
  • "Was able to give this 9 yr old foster kiddo her first birthday party ever." - Rochelle Mitchell Miller
  • And We Can't Forget The Babies
    And We Can't Forget The Babies
    So many cute babies.

    Top row (left to right): Photos submitted by Debi Christian, Elizabeth Kan Hai, Erin Hughes, Kathleen Anderson.

    Middle row (left to right): Photos submitted by Alexxa Foster, Sarah Mel , Leeann Drennan , Kathy Kosolowski.

    Bottom row (left to right): Photos submitted by Erin Hughes, David Milligan , Kelly Ann .
  • They Are All Adorable
    They Are All Adorable
    Top row (left to right): Photo submitted by Trisha Campbell, @BabyDoll__3, @StephJCrock

    Middle row (left to right): Photos submitted by @CultivatedBalance, @Inuk37, Dezeray Dziwenka

    Bottom row (left to right): Photos submitted by Celia Wilson, @RedDogCW, Megan Wilson
  • And We're Looking Forward To The Ones To Come
    And We're Looking Forward To The Ones To Come
    Photo submitted by Gwendolyn Jean Pelley, who is expecting in January.
  • Thanks For Letting Us Be A Part Of Your Year
    Thanks For Letting Us Be A Part Of Your Year

Thank you for letting us be part of your lives this year. What was the best thing that happened to you this year? Share with us in the comments.