12/26/2014 08:06 EST | Updated 12/26/2014 08:59 EST

Canadians' Real Food Is Revealed In Our Takeout Choices

Dwight Eschliman via Getty Images

There are many reasons to order food instead of making it yourself: laziness, indulgence or a schedule that's made you too busy to cook. And obviously, plenty of us are feeling this way, because we ordered food nearly a million times from takeout site in 2014.

The online ordering service revealed what kinds of takeout are most popular in Canada's biggest cities using their own customer data, and the results may surprise you. In Quebec City, Vietnamese was the top cuisine, while western Canada ordered six times as much pizza as the east. In Toronto,Noka Japanese Cuisine received more takeout orders than any other restaurant in Canada.

The site rounded up the top three foods ordered by its diners in 16 of Canada's biggest cities, and while Chinese food, pizza and Indian were popular picks, some more obscure choices made the list too. Of course, the results aren't definitive, as plenty of people order directly from restaurants, but it does give a good impression of exactly where Canadian taste buds lie.

Check out the top-ordered takeout foods by city in the slideshow below.

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