12/26/2014 09:07 EST | Updated 02/25/2015 05:59 EST

Ice fishing in Ste-Anne-de-la-Pérade on hold due to warmer climes

Ice fishing along the St-Lawrence River in southern Quebec is on hold thanks to warmer temperatures over the past week.

The season in Ste-Anne-de-la-Pérade — a small town between Trois-Rivières and Quebec City, which also happens to be the world capital of tommycod fishing — was slated to begin Friday.

However, because of slush on the ice and rain over the past several days, none of the 500 cabins that normally populate the ice-fishing village on the ice of the Ste-Anne River made it out.

Steve Massicotte, the president of The Ste-Anne River Outfitters Association​, said he hopes that colder temperatures over the weekend will allow fishing enthusiasts to set up their cabins on the ice before the end of December. 

He said the ice is thick enough, even if the weather conditions are not ideal.

The tommycod fishing season typically ends in mid-February.

Last year, more than 85,000 fishermen — many of whom came from the greater Montreal region — took to the ice on the Ste-Anne River.

Tommycod fishing in Ste-Anne-de-la-Pérade has economic spinoffs worth up to $5 million.