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The House: 2014 year-end political quiz

Were you paying attention to the world of politics in 2014?

Test your recall of the political events and newsmakers in The House's year-end quiz and go head-to-head with host Evan Solomon and panellists Andrew Coyne, columnist for PostMedia, CBC National Affairs Editor Chris Hall and Radio­-Canada Ottawa Bureau Chief Emmanuelle Latraverse.

Answers appear at the bottom.

1. 2014 was a Winter Olympics year… and politics is often a contact sport, so let's combine the two for our first question. On Jan. 7, which cabinet minister helped unveil the roster of Canada's men's hockey team?

2. Mid­-February: Canadians found out the cost behind the government ads they'd already been seeing on TV. Which program did the government spend $2.5 million promoting, despite the fact that that program didn't actually exist yet?

3. Lots happened on the international scene this year. On Jan. 19, Stephen Harper began his first official visit to what country?

4. Speaking of the busy year on the international stage, on Jan. 27, MPs held an emergency debate to address the crisis in what country?

5. On Jan. 29, Justin Trudeau surprised almost everyone by kicking Liberal Senators out of his caucus. How many Senators got the boot?
A. 27
B. 30
C. 32

6. On Feb. 4, the first charges were laid in the Senate expenses scandal. Who was charged with FRAUD and BREACH OF TRUST?

7. Name this key player in Canadian politics in 2014 (listen to the show for an audio hint)

8. Feb. 11, the Conservatives tabled their budget. They're still projecting a deficit, but only because Jim Flaherty included a contingency fund in his calculations. How big was that contingency fund?

9. Feb. 22, the Liberals held a convention in Montreal… Leader Justin Trudeau had to defend one of his potential star candidates in the next election. What was retired Lt­. Gen. Andrew Leslie having to defend himself over that week?


Justin Trudeau was in the spotlight a lot this year. He's been ahead in the polls, he's had high profile gaffes, there are ongoing questions about his policies ­­ also about his handling of the suspension of two MPs. How would you grade Justin Trudeau's performance this year?

10. Feb. 24, which Conservative MP backtracked from this story?

"On the mail delivery day when voter cards are put in mailboxes, residents come home, pick them out of their boxes, and throw them in the garbage can. I have seen campaign workers follow, pick up a dozen of them afterward, and walk out. Why are they doing that? They are doing it so they can hand those cards to other people, who will then be vouched for at a voting booth and vote illegally."

11. On March 12, the Canadian flag was taken down at the NATO headquarters in Kabul to mark the end of Canada's mission in Afghanistan. At the height of that mission, how many Canadian troops were in Afghanistan?

12. On March 18, Jim Flaherty resigned as Finance Minister. The next day, another prominent politician announced their resignation. Who?

13. On March 21, the Supreme Court, in a 6-to-1 ruling, rejected the government's choice of Marc Nadon as the next high court Justice. Who did the government end up appointing instead?

14. On March 30, a former director of communications for the Prime Minister was forced out of his new job as head of the Conservative Party. What was the reason behind Dimitri Soudas's departure?

15. On April 7, Philippe Couillard's Liberals win the Quebec election. How many seats did his party win to defeat the Parti Québécois?
A. 65
B. 68
C. 70

16. April 8, a major security breach forced the Canada Revenue Agency to temporarily shut down its website. What is the name of the bug responsible for all that?

17. In early April, leaks from the House of Commons' Board of Internal Economy revealed that the NDP was ordered not to use parliamentary resources to pay for staff in satellite party offices. Where were those satellites offices located?


It hasn't been an easy year for the NDP. No success on the byelection front, struggling in the polls, a few controversies… And that's despite Tom Mulcair getting good reviews for his work in the House of Commons. The party is entering 2015 in third place. Can they turn things around?

18. On April 24, Employment Minister Jason Kenney reacted to the controversy surrounding the Temporary Foreign Worker program by imposing a moratorium on what industry?

19. April 25, the Supreme Court ruled that the federal government could not reform the Senate on its own. On the same day, as he was reacting to the news, the Minister of State for Democratic Reform, Pierre Poilievre also announced what?

20. In early May, an unprecedented spat between Stephen Harper and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court puzzled many political watchers. The Prime Minister had suggested that the chief justice of the Supreme Court tried inappropriately to intervene in the process to appoint Justice Marc Nadon, even though her advice came before Nadon's appointment was announced. Name the lawyer who challenged the appointment of Marc Nadon.

21. On May 28, which well­-known senator announced his resignation?

22. On June 4, the government tabled bill C-36: The Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act ­­ the new prostitution bill. That's after the Supreme Court had struck down parts of the old law following a court challenge by three women. Name one of those three women.

23. July 17, suspended Senator Mike Duffy was charged in connection to the Senate expenses scandal. How many charges is he facing?
A. 22
B. 31
C. 37

24. On July 29, the federal government took the unusual step of pointing the finger directly at China following a cyber attack. What did the government accuse Beijing of targeting?

25. On Aug. 21, the following clip from the prime minister attracted a lot of criticism: "We should not view this as sociological phenomenon. We should view it as crime. It is crime against innocent people, and it needs to be addressed as such." What was the prime minister responding to?

26. Name the Conservative MP who apologized for responding to NDP Leader Tom Mulcair's questions on Canada's mission in Iraq in September with an attack on the NDP position on Israel.

27. On Sept. 6, Jim Prentice won the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta leadership election ­­ on his way to becoming the province's Premier. Later that month, on Sept. 22, people of New Brunswick went to the polls. Who became that province's new premier following the  election?

28. Oct. 7, a divided House of Commons voted in favour of sending Canadian aircraft and personnel to join coalition airstrikes in Iraq against ISIS targets. Where are Canada's CF­-18s based for that mission?

29. On Nov. 5, Dean Del Mastro rose in the House of Commons and resigned his seat after being convicted for violating the Elections Canada Act. Which riding did he represent?

30. Nov. 30, former governor general Michaëlle Jean is chosen as the new Secretary General of the International Organization of La Francophonie. Where did the meeting where she was selected take place?

31. In November, following a scathing Auditor General report into his department, Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino didn't respond to the criticism himself. What was the reason given for him not responding to the AG's report?


That controversy was one of many this government had to address this year. It's a government that's been in power for a long time. But they're entering next year having brought the country's budget back in the black — can they make people forget about all the controversies and get a second majority mandate?

Lightning round

We're incorporating a little twist this year — a lightning round!

You'll each get 30 seconds to answer as many questions as possible.

1. Which province hosted the Premier's Council of the Federation meeting this year?

2. How many speakers addressed a joint session of parliament this year ?

3. Can you name 2 of them?

4. How many female premiers are there currently?

5. How many were there at the start of 2014?

6. Heritage Minister Shelley Glover unveiled a new monument on Nov. 7 on Parliament Hill. What does it commemorate?

7. What museum had its opening ceremonies in Winnipeg in September?

8. How many CF­-18s are currently in Ukraine and Iraq on active missions?

9. Who is the Liberal MP who won the byelection in Trinity-Spadina, ­ Olivia Chow's old riding?

10. Who is the new AFN National Chief?

11. What is the fixed date of the next Federal Election?

12. What is the name of the General in charge of the mission in Iraq?

13. How many Veterans Affairs regional offices did the government close this year?

14. What is the name of the LNG company that has put its B.C. project on hold?

15. Who is the new leader of the Bloc Québécois?

16. Who is the new clerk of the Privy Council?

17. In early December, Ottawa gave the green light to a deal between which two restaurant chains?

18. Who is the only person to have been convicted in connection with the robocalls scandal?

19. Which Canadian premier spent part of the year pushing for interprovincial free trade?

20. How many Senate vacancies are there right now?

21. Which opposition MPs accompanied John Baird to a fact finding missing to Iraq in September?

22. What is the name of Canada's new Privacy Commissioner?

23. The UN Climate Change conference was in Lima, Peru this year. Where will it be next in 2015?

24. What is the name of the new U.S. ambassador to Canada?

25. In March, Joe Oliver becomes Finance Minister. Ed Holder becomes Minister of State for Science and Technology. Who's the third minister involved in that shuffle?

26. What is the English title of Justin Trudeau's biography?

27. What's the title of Stephen Harper's hockey history book?

28. Which long­time B.C. NDP MP announced in December that she wouldn't be running again?

29. Which Conservative MP is running to become the leader of the Ontario Progressive­ Conservative Party?

30. Which province elected its first Green MLA this year?


1. Transport Minister Lisa Raitt.

2. The Canada Job Grant.

3. Israel.

4. Ukraine.

5. C, 32 Senators.

6. Mac Harb and Patrick Brazeau.

7. Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand. He was criticizing the government's Fair Elections Act that was tabled on Feb. 4.

8. $3 billion (projected deficit is $2.9 billion).

9. It was revealed that Leslie's move from one Ottawa home to another cost taxpayers $72,000.

10. Mississauga MP Brad Butt.

11. 2,300.

12. Alison Redford, Premier of Alberta.

13. Clement Gascon.

14. He tried to interfere with his fiancée's Conservative nomination battle.

15. C, 70.

16. Heartbleed.

17. Montreal, Quebec City and Toronto ­­ preparing to open another in Saskatchewan.

18. Immediate moratorium on the fast­food industry's access to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

19. Amendments to the Fair Elections Act.

20. Rocco Galati.

21. Romeo Dallaire.

22. Terri­Jean Bedford, Amy Lebovitch or Valerie Scott.

23. 31 charges.

24. The National Research Council of Canada.

25. Renewed calls for a national inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women after the killing of 15­-year­-old Tina Fontaine in Winnipeg.

26. Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, Paul Calandra.

27. Liberal Brian Gallant.

28. Kuwait.

29. Peterborough.

30. Senegal.

31. Fantino was in Italy for Second World War commemoration events.

Lightning round

1. Prince Edward Island.

2. 3.

3. (Aga Khan IV, Petro Poroshenko, France François)

4. 2 (two) ­ Christie Clark of BC and Kathleen Wynne of Ontario.

5. 5 (five) ­ Kathy Dunderdale of Newfoundland and Labrador resigned on Jan. 24  / Alison Redford of Alberta resigned on March 23 / and Pauline Marois lost in an election on April 23.

6. The War of 1812 Monument made its public debut. It is located in front of

Parliament Hill's East Block.

7. The Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

8. 10 (ten) ­ 6 active CF­-18s based in Iraq , 4 based in Lithuania.

9. Adam Vaughan.

10. Perry Bellegarde.

11. Oct. 19.

12. Lt.-Gen. Jonathan Vance.

13. 9.

14. Petronas.

15. Mario Beaulieu.

16. Janice Charette.

17. Burger King and Tim Hortons.

18. Michael Sona, former Conservative campaign worker.

19. Saskatchewan's Brad Wall.

20. 17.

21. Paul Dewar and Marc Garneau.

22. Daniel Therrien.

23. Paris, France.

24. Bruce Heyman.

25. Greg Rickford becomes Natural Resources Minister.

26. Common Ground.

27. A Great Game.

28. Libby Davies.

29. Patrick Brown.

30. New Brunswick, David Coon.