12/28/2014 09:49 EST | Updated 02/27/2015 05:59 EST

Mount Sutton landslide in parking lot prompts concerns for safety

Some people in Sutton are worried the management at Mount Sutton is not taking a recent landslide seriously enough.

On Christmas Day, the slide happened below a parking lot and a chair lift on the mountain.

“You've got a hundred food drop with no fences and you have people managing the parking lot, who are still sticking cars with their rear ends hanging out over the landslide. That makes me nervous,” said Ann Dyer, a minority shareholder at Mount Sutton.

No one was injured in the slide, but Dyer said she’s worried the mountain management is not doing enough to make sure the area is safe.

“Someone could get hurt. If someone gets hurt, and we've seen it in the past, it all becomes very fuzzy. What happened? Who was at fault?” said Dyer.

For one man who used to work at the mountain, the landslide was not a surprise.

Kevin Royea helped build the road up to the parking lot where the landslide happened.

“I never parked in that parking lot, because it was very unsafe,” he said. “I know not a lot of people park up in that parking lot because it’s not accessible. It’s dangerous.”

Mount Sutton’s management did not respond to requests to be interviewed.