12/28/2014 06:27 EST | Updated 02/27/2015 05:59 EST

Saskatchewan boy designs Team Canada masks for the World Juniors

One Saskatchewan boy's creativity has paid off for Team Canada.

Members of the World Junior hockey team are wearing goalie masks designed by Morgan Bray.

The 14-year-old, who is from Abernethy, Saskatchewan, found out about the contest to design Team Canada's helmets after reading a Boston Pizza menu in White City.

"My sister saw it in her menu and we thought it would be a good idea to enter," Bray explained.

Bray took the entry form home and got to work. He said brainstorming for the idea wasn't too difficult.

"In my free time I just design, like, NHL jerseys and re-design logos from teams and stuff like that," Bray explained. "So I don't know, it came kind of natural."

Bray said it took him a couple rough drafts before he settled on a design he was happy with. He drew inspiration from Team Canada's 100th anniversary.

"I just used a couple logos and banners to celebrate the 100th anniversary," he said.

Originally, Bray thought he hadn't won the contest after the date to submit entries had closed and he still had not heard back.

But those doubts were squashed on one fateful November night when he returned home from a hockey practice with the Melville Bantam Bucks to a message from a woman from Boston Pizza. She told Bray he had won.

"I was shocked, it was crazy," he said, adding that friends at school and on his hockey team didn't believe the news at first either.

Aside from the newly-found notoriety, Bray has also won an trip to Montreal to watch Canada take on the U.S.A. next week.

He and his dad, Tim, will get to sit right behind the players' box.

Bray said he has already seen the hockey helmets he designed being worn in televised matches.

"On the second pre-tournament game Eric Comrie was wearing it," Bray said. "It's kind of crazy to see something I made, that Saskatchewan made, to win that out of 1300 people ... to actually see it live on TV is like an honour to me."

When the trip is over, Bray said he will be heading back home with a Team Canada jersey and goalie mask bearing his own design.