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Dan Aykroyd Is Apparently Making Some Award-Winning Vodka

Actor Dan Aykroyd’s vodka from Newfoundland, Canada, a rum from Guatemala and a gin from California have been named the best in their class by a U.S.-based group of distillers, distributors and restaurateurs.

Experts from Alcohol Aficionado have come up with their top 10 picks for vodka, gin, cognac and rum -- lists that could help holiday revelers save time in front of liquor store shelves.

Top picks were based on characteristics such as flavour, ingredients and crafting process.

In the vodka category, Canadian actor Aykroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka was given top nods for its “pleasant flavor” and hint of citrus.

To create the award-winning vodka, the corn-based spirit is distilled four times and blended with the pristine waters of Newfoundland in the Atlantic provinces. The liquid is then filtered seven times, including three that see it filtered through layers of semi-precious, Herkimer diamond stones.

Martell Creation Grand Extra Cognac from France was named the best cognac for its rich and complex flavors. On the nose, the cognac is all marmalade and jam -- lemon and orange peel, and red plums -- along with cocoa beans, dark chocolate and vanilla.

That finishes off into curry, rancio and amber leather notes.

Hana Gin from California was named the best in class for its unique aromatic mix of scents, botanicals and fruits for “a unique, pure flavor that is unlike any other gin.”

And Ron Zacapa Rum from Guatemala was anointed the best rum for its rich and distinct flavor that comes from a distilling process with a history that dates back 2,000 years, and for an aging process that takes place 2,300m above sea level -- one of the highest aging facilities in the world.

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